If you are still doubting whether you should come and spend your vacations with us, we are giving you 5 reasons why our fitness and wellness retreats are special and different from others. So here we go!

  1. First of all, its’s FUERTEVENTURA itself – a breath-taking island with some of the best beaches in the world. It was considered as a sacred island and there is indeed something magical when you drive through the volcanos coloured in all possible shades of green and brown, or stand on top of Corralejo dunes that stretch for more than 10km, offering you an unforgettable landscape;
  2. The PERSONAL APPROACH towards every client. We know that each of you is different, you have your own motives and reasons why you are here. To make sure that we 100% fulfil your expectations, we have created a 3-step evaluation system, consisting of a questionnaire, a phone conversation a few days before your arrival and a personal consultation during the retreat, where you will receive individual advice regarding your objectives and concrete steps to take to achieve them;
  3. We are a very INTERNATIONAL TEAM – all together we speak in 7 languages, so it does not matter what is your background or which country you are from, we will find a common language for sure!
  4. We know that the week that you will chose to spend with us is also your VACATION, therefore our training and leisure program is constructed in a way that lets you perfectly combine getting in shape, having a well-deserved rest and to see the most amazing parts of Fuerteventura. Almost all the training sessions will take place outdoors, in different locations, so you will never get bored of the surroundings!
  5. We have created a UNIQUE COMBINATION of exercises that will let you enjoy your workout and challenge yourself whatever your fitness level is. Our coaches are working with different people – from total beginners to professional sportsmen and they have years of experience in creating individual training programs. Combining them with the right nutrition will ensure that the week spent with us will not only give considerable instant results, but will also provide your body and mind with the necessary boost and motivation to keep up the good work after the retreat.