As a personal trainer, I’ve often told my clients they needed to get out of their comfort zone to be able to reach their true potential.

Today, I’m the one going out of this comfort zone. Me the African. Me, the child of a land dried and burned by the heat of the sun. I invite you to join me for this amazing destination.

Heat of the Ice is more than a trip to Lapland, it is a jump into the unknown, into everything that I’m not, a jump into a universe that, I know for a fact, will mark you indelibly.

Through a route and activities magnificently thought out and organized by our partner specializing in the Far North: Nordic Inspiration Travel, I invite you to discover with me the beauty, the calm, the vast white spaces. I invite you to create memories that you will love to tell your loved ones.

Augustin K.

“Travel is a kind of door through which one leaves reality as if to enter an unexplored reality that seems like a dream.”

Guy de Maupassant