I am delighted to offer you a unique stay to start this new year 2022.

With Senegal as the land of welcome, this first fitness bootcamp sets the tone for a new season which will be extraordinary in both its content and its destinations.

Visiting Dakar, the island of Gorée or even a safari in the Bandia animal reserve, our stay includes a varied program full of surprises that will suit all levels of physical condition.

Our haven of peace is located 60 km south of Dakar. We will follow the magnificent lodge “Les manguiers de Guéréo”. This welcoming and warm lodge will be the ideal starting point to meet an authentic and unexpected Senegal.

All of our tours will be supervised by local guides who know the country like the back of their hand.

If you want to embark on this great adventure with us, click on the link below and find out about the magnificent program that I have concocted for you as well as practical information for your stay.


More information: Download the dossier