Malaika – Empowering me

As an engaged company, we think it is important to give support to those who need it most. For this reason we have decided to become a major player in a school project created by Noella Coursaris Musunka in 2007 called Malaika.

According to UNESCO, there are now 49.5 million out of school girls in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since its opening in 2011, Malaika has offered free primary and secondary education to 400 girls. The classes include French and English, as well as math, science, technology, art and many others.

In order to holistically support the community, Malaika also comprises a community center that offers a range of programs to 5,000 youth and adults, a clean water program with 21 wells that services over 32,000 people each year and a sustainable agricultural program that provides two nutritious meals each day to students and staff. Malaika’s community-driven approach serves as a model that can be replicated on a global scale in communities around the world. All programs are offered for free.

Malaika’s goal is to help these children believe in a brighter future and provide them with all the resources they need to be able to create it.  For 8 years now, we have sponsored our little Abigaëlle annually and seeing her grow more confident and set her own goals is a real pleasure.

With only 750 € we finance a full year of schooling, clothes and meals included. Thanks to this action, a whole village comes back to life and sees its children fulfill dreams that seemed impossible. We firmly believe that every euro counts hence we have decided to share with Malaika 30 € on each registration to one of our  bootcamps from September 2021.

Together we are stronger!