Who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic people who are passionate about fitness and well-being, and who love to share their passion with others, helping our clients to get fitter, healthier, happier and more self-confident.

Our tailor-made fitness bootcamp and well-being retreat programs are adapted to your agenda, your fitness level and budget. To make sure that you receive the best services and the most efficient training, the average size of the group is 8-12 persons.

A highly-qualified team of instructors will do their best to get you the fittest you have ever been, while the rest of the team will make sure that you can enjoy your fitness holidays in a luxury, supportive and fun environment, so that you can go home happy and pampered.

All the programmes are ALL INCLUSIVE, we will provide a luxury and personalised service to make sure that you have everything to enjoy a careless week, where all you have to think about is your well-being.

Meet Our Team

Augustin Kivunghe, a semi-professional football player and fitness coach, started his first gym in Belgium. As things evolved, he began to organize group training sessions with the focus on specific running training sessions for races, team building events and thematic training sessions …

Due to an important personal event he decided to review his priorities and his way of working: this is when Fuerte Bootcamp started to take shape to be finally born outside the European continent.

To complete the programmes that he organises and to offer you the warmest welcome and the highest quality services, Augustin has surrounded himself by a team of strong personalities, all having diverse talents and rich cultural horizons. Our team brings together wellness and fitness enthusiasts who share the philosophy of pleasure, performance and well-being for everyone. Our goal: to make you feel better, healthier, more fulfilled and more self-confident.

For more information on each of us, find the members of our team below.